The Albany Herald reprinted this announcement in a feature on material that had appeared in its predecessor, The Albany Patriot, in 1853. (Reformatted for easier reading):

Albany Academy
to be opened

Announced by Mr. M. W. Grow.

Terms per quarter:

1st Class attending to

  • orthography,
  • primary arithmetic,
  • primary geography,
  • reading

-- $6.

Middle Class attending to

  • geography,
  • grammar,
  • philosophy, and
  • the higher branches of English

-- $8.00

Junior Class attending to

  • higher mathematics,
  • Greek, and
  • Latin


Oratory and English composition will receive particular attention.
Music will be taught if required.

To help understand the prices: That same year, the newspaper carried the announcement that Mrs. Harriet Snelgrove's boarding house offered boarding [meals] at $12.50 per month, or $15 with lodging.