Guided Relaxation--MP3 audio file. A restful toe-to-head guided relaxation that ends in a beautiful garden. 12.5 mins., plus 5 mins. of cricket sounds at the end. Created as a New Year's gift during the stressful period of the oil crisis of 1973-4.

The first few seconds of the original tape were lost: To begin, lie down, close your eyes, take a deep breath, hold it a moment, then, like a glad sigh of relief, let it out slowly.

Obviously, do not use this meditation while driving or doing anything except sitting or lying in a safe place with your eyes closed.

To play, click the following link. To download the file, right-click (Mac: control-click) the link and save the file:

Guided Relaxation file

This file is also available free through Apple iTunes podcasts.

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