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Teaching Learners
to be Self-Directed

Publication history: The print version of this article appeared in Adult Education Quarterly, Vol. 41, No. 3, Spring 1991, pp. 125-149, and has been widely reprinted for use in course readings and information packets given to new teachers.

Permission to reprint this article.

About the online version.

Some recent presentations by the author on this subject.

Make a humorous visual aid to help teach the concept of self-direction in learning, the Self-Direction Spray.

For a quick overview:


"Teaching Learners to be Self-Directed" by Gerald Grow


I. Introduction

II. The Model

III. Implications for Teaching

IV. Applying the Model in Curriculum, Course, and Class

V. Implications for Research

Further Discussion of the Ideas in this Article
"In Defense of the Staged Self-Directed Learning Model" -- a followup article.



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