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Healing and Teaching

Three Forms of Alternative Healing
and their Implications For Teaching

by Gerald Grow, Ph.D.

It is often helpful to refer to alternative realities as a way of re-thinking one's current position. This article describes three approaches to alternative healing-- energy healing, mental healing, and spiritual healing--looking at each one's basic assumptions, view of what goes wrong with people, and its approach to setting things right, followed by some implications each healing method might have for education.

Short Version: If you don't read anything else, look at the Table and read the short section called Healing by Presence.

The article originally appeared in Holistic Education Review, Vol. 7, No. 1, Spring 1994, pp. 11 - 18. Copyright © 1993 by Gerald Grow. Internet version © 1996.

Contents--"Healing and Teaching" by Gerald Grow

I. Energy Healing

Introduction to Energy Healing
Implications for the Teacher

Movement -- Energy through Touch --
Energy through Art -- Humor -- Singing, Chanting, Breathing -- Ritual -- Silent Teaching Practices

II. Mental Healing

Worldview of Mental Healing
Self-Talk and Affirmations
Implications for the Teacher

Teacher's Own Practices -- Studying Cultural Images -- Self-Talk -- Art that Makes us Whole -- Mental healing in medicine

III. Spiritual Healing

Metaphysical Healing
Spirit Guide Healing
Reconnecting to the High Self
Implications for the Teacher

Summon the Spirit of a Great Teacher --
Goal Setting -- Healing by Presence -- The Study of Worldviews

Table Comparing the Healing Methods Discussed
Notes and References

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