John David Grow

May 23, 1938 - April 23, 2002

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From David in a high chair to 2002.


Photo Gallery


Fish stories
Wrestling the alligator
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Favorite Poems

Works David kept close to him and often re-read.

Favorite Music
David shooting Bull Sluice rapids on the Chatooga River.
Swamp Gravy
Buckhead Christian Ministry

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David Grow died peacefully in his sleep April 23, 2002, at his home in Atlanta. He had survived two serious operations for brain tumors and lived cheerfully for eight years with multiple myeloma.

He was a native of Colquitt, Ga., and had recently returned from one of many viewings of Swamp Gravy, the Georgia Folk-Life Drama inspired by the region he grew up in.

Trained as a mathematician at Florida State University, he first worked as a systems analyst for Lockheed, then spent the rest of his professional career as a stockbroker.

He was loved for many qualities -- including his optimistic spirit, generosity, devotion to family, hard work, hospitality, sense of humor, intellectual curiosity, strong principles, patriotism, faith in free markets, and his ability to engage anyone in an interesting conversation about themselves, any time.

He leaves behind four children, seven grandchildren, a large extended family, and many friends.

This is it!  The life that is ours is the one we are living today.  There is no other. The more we try to hold on to our illusions of what we think it is or what we think it should be, the less time and energy we have to live it.

--Note taped to David's refrigerator